One Year Later?

I was offered a deal that was quite shocking. We will be starting our new college in a few weeks and we will both be living in separate dorms. Hale offered that next year, exactly one year from now, we split in apartment and move-in together. If we did last that long we would be […]

Wasted Too Much Time

I am not going to wait for you. I am not going to wait for you to “find yourself.” I am not going to wait for you to make your way across the room. I have wasted too much time playing emotional chess. Who will move first? Too much time waiting on people like you. […]

One Hot Chocolate with a Side of Jealousy, Please.

So I just got the word that my best friend, Cydney,  who lives across the nation finally got her first boyfriend. From my calculations, he seems to be just an average guy and looks his age. Not necessarily my type, but hers. I am happy for her  and am excited as she begins to embark […]