The End of a Small Era

My first semester is ending on Wednesday. All in all, this has been one hell of a semester. It has had its high highs, but primarily deeply, low lows. As depressing as that sounds, I did enjoy it. As an overview of my first semester at college: I took 4 classes and my projected “easy” […]

Slut Shaming

This term honestly makes zero sense to me. Why am I ostracized for following biological urges? In nature it is completely normal, yet when you throw a dress and conscious mind on that organism it is immediately viewed as a “slut” or “whore”. They are then observed as property. Another number for the male’s scoreboard. […]

“Bro” Code

I never really realized how prominent evil was in the world; until last night. When we entered the frat party, had our ratios perfect, made it into the party, and then the violence started. A 5 foot tall “brother” let all of us girls walk by, but stopped Hale mid-step. He proceeded to get millimeters […]