What My First C Taught Me

Throughout high school, I was always a top student. Honors classes, Duel Enrollment, tried my best for all A’s. Yet, none of this compared me for the hell that is college. When entering college, I also entered the academic shock of being placed in classes that seemed like nothing I had ever been in. The […]

The End of a Small Era

My first semester is ending on Wednesday. All in all, this has been one hell of a semester. It has had its high highs, but primarily deeply, low lows. As depressing as that sounds, I did enjoy it. As an overview of my first semester at college: I took 4 classes and my projected “easy” […]

Break from the Break

I am home now for the week on holiday break. My family is all here and we are planning some quality time together. I am prematurely leaving on Saturday because there is a huge football game that I have tickets for. With this break also brings a break from Hale. A break from the heartbreak. […]

Third Wheeling All Week 

It’s crazy how the same person that can make you feel alive, make the pain feel as if it is completely gone, be the same person who injects the strongest poison into your veins.  You make me feel important, meaningful, like what I’m doing is right. Yet, hold the knife that cuts me in half. […]