Yesterday he saw me at my weakest point. Landon experienced an anxiety-crying attack. We had a rough day full of passive aggressiveness towards each other. Eventually, I just popped and began crying, very loudly. He comforted me in my car until I stopped crying. He cried a bit as well from just seeing me upset. I […]


Sex isn’t hard. It’s something engrained into our brains due to biological makeup. Opening up to someone; that’s the hard part. Allowing yourself to become vulnerable. Showing sides of weakness, always in hope that they will accept each layer that you shed of yourself. Until you are left with just an exposed core, longing for them […]

Hot Headed

As I sit here engulfed with rage, I am trying to figure out why I am even angry. I am angry at Landon. Angry that he made me feel shit. Angry that he tampered with my focus, offered me a future, gave me expectations. Angry that I haven’t touched my GoPro or felt the shady […]