“Are You The Same Person That You Were A Year Ago?”

I found this question on a website advertisement and it really made me think. On Tuesday was my one-year anniversary of my surgery. This surgery was decided on within a few days and was performed to remove a 9 cm wide mass from my body. A pretty big deal. That week everyone was distraught. Everyone […]

Vasovagal Syncope

As my most stressful and anxiety-filled week is coming to an end, it is prime time for reflection. My academic week at the Science Academy is ending as I transition into the shadowing portion enveloping in more stress! All week I have been fighting my recently diagnosed Vasovagal Syncope, a.k.a. my body’s natural response to […]

Friendship Karma?

It is utterly amazing how people you once called friends can simply ignore you. All night I have been in the process of hopefully finding somewhere to celebrate the New Year, but my “friends” just ignore my questions. Maybe it is my mind enhancing the situation, maybe it’s cabin fever from this extended break. With […]