Wait, What Did You Just Say??

Right now it is 4:16 AM on a Thursday and my boyfriend left for work an hour ago. Once he left, I took a shower, wore a face mask, wrote a homework discussion post, and now here I am: still wearing the face mask. The pup is passed out in bed and I would love to as well, but my mind is racing for answers. 2 nights ago Landon came over in the evening. We were going to run stadiums together and then hang out. Once he arrived things started to get heated and next thing I knew I was on my back on my bed and he was on top of me. Classy as always, my friends. The sex was outstanding and midway through we are looking into each others eyes, all panting, and he says it. “I love you”. It was kind of a breathy, whispered “I love you”, but nevertheless he said it. I was taken a bit aback when I heard it. At first my brain didn’t register what he had said. I didn’t say it back, even though my insides are burning to tell him back. It was so quiet when he said it that I don’t know if it was meant to be even said. I didn’t want to respond with it at the time because I wasn’t even fully sure what he said since it was so faint. I know he feels it, though. Or at least somewhat. The way he stares at me. There has to be something there.


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