New Pup in Town

As I am embarking on this new relationship, I can sense my feelings beginning to intensify. I need to keep reminding myself to not fall in love so easily. To stay true to myself and make sure that the love I have towards myself stays stronger than anything. Than any love towards a boy who thinks I am pretty. Landon and I have been together for two months and have spent endless amounts of time together. There have been good times together, and bad times apart where I am upset over Tinder or other petty things. Recently, I adopted a dog. I think this is honestly one of the best things for me because with her I am becoming more self-less. I am learning to be more responsible. I am directing the love that I would throw completely towards Landon in the direction of a beautiful animal who needs the love more. The dog has brought Landon and I closer as well. I truly love this dog and I think is going to be best for me in case Landon and I don’t work out. At least I will have something there that, regardless of the circumstances, will give me the unconditional love back that I give towards it.


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