420 Blaze

Last night I experienced something I never have: I got high. Sat on a couch in a fraternity house with another brother and smoked out of a bong. Marijuana is legal here, relax. The first hit made me cough like I was going to vomit. Not cute. The next few hits really made me feel it. We sat there and watched The Office for hours. Barely even spoke, but it was nice. Well needed after a long day. The night prior, Landon came over drunk as ever. He could barely even stand straight. He then proceeded to tell me about how he has “hoes” and doesn’t tell people that we are together. Really made me feel like shit. Thus, after an anxiety-filled day, I lit up. It was something unexplainable. Very strong, potent weed that made all of my anxiety and stress melt away. I came home listening to disco and had a full night of sleep.


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