Side Hoe Culture

Loyalty and respect. They sound like basic morals that are taught and ingrained into children at a young age. Yet, it seems that in today’s culture of side hoes and lying, these ideas are gone. Vanished. A rarity if that. It seems that faithfulness in a relationship is just a luxury. We have become so subjected to side hoe culture that we have accepted it. When he or she cheats, we just say,  “well, they better not do it again.” This is due to a mix of fear of being alone and acceptance to the fact that this has become the norm. Cheating is a normality. “Everyone does it.” We are a society built upon an infrastructure of trust issues and DM’s. Of secret Snapchat messages in risqué clothing while our significant other is in the other room. Too scared to commit to a relationship, but wanting nothing more.

Landon is technically my boyfriend now, yet still has his Tinder in which he actively uses it. I want to bring it up, but I am terrified because I have succumbed to side hoe culture.


One thought on “Side Hoe Culture

  1. Very true. We have become so accustomed to seeing cheating in dating and relationships that it has become a norm for us. I don’t think you should fear confronting you boyfriend. It can be scary trying to break societal norms, but getting out of comfort zones and facing our fears is sometimes the only way to progress.

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