Where I Am Now

Hello. What a wild few weeks this has been.

Erik and I have gone out most days/nights since I got back up here. He even mentioned that he wants me to meet his parents. I haven’t yet, but it is hopefully in the works. Erik doesn’t “claim” me as his girlfriend, but we act as if though we are together. I really like him, but I also need to still keep up with myself and not cling to him. We spent the night at each other’s places every night last week.

Brady found out about Erik and got all worked up over it. Brady and I were never really a thing, and I never really saw it as more than someone who I was talking to. We had a little something, but nothing that had any future or worth pursuing. He took everything out of hand and called me 12 times at 1 am while I was sleeping in Erik’s arms. It was a mess, but I am over it all. He is acting immensely immature. Grow up.

I find that now that I am now standing up for myself and doing things that I want to do, the people who aspire to control me are the ones who get the most upset (Hale, Brady, etc.). I am finally doing things for myself and I am the happiest I have ever been. When I was with Hale, I would cry everyday. I cannot tell you the last time I have cried.


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