The Enchilada was Left in the Car

On Tuesday, I went to Erik’s comedy show. I got there early and yet somehow it was already starting when I got in. He was hosting and so he had to be the main proprietor of jokes in the beginning, in between acts, and at the end. I wore an amazing green dress which hugged in all of the right places since he had not communicated with me after hooking up. I wanted it to really sting when he saw me. As I walked in, we made eye contact while he was on stage. Most of his jokes made him look like a total douchebag. Sex jokes with many girls and other comics bashing on him on how he is such a player. I felt humiliated. Here I was, just another one of Erik’s girls who came to see him. I stayed the whole show out of respect and since I drove there with a friend of mine. We left immediately after the show. Once I got home, I received a text from Erik asking why I left so early. He then explained how he wanted to introduce me to his friends and his sister. I began to think, introduce me as what? What even are we? It feels like I have known him for years, yet we met on Saturday. That night he asked me out to dinner and a movie for the following day.

The next day, Wednesday, he texted me in the morning and we texted all day. This was new considering he had talked to me much after our date on Sunday. We were planning on meeting at 8 pm for dinner, but instead he came at 6 pm because he was starving. He was wearing a cat shirt, jorts, boots, and white socks. As ridiculous as it sounds, he still looked hot. We drove downtown to a Mexican restaurant and the conversation was flowing amazingly. Better than ever! I mentioned the distasteful comments from the comedy night and he just said that’s how he portrays himself to get laughs. After dinner, we went got froyo and headed to the movie theater. Before the movie started I was in the middle of talking and he said “wait, I haven’t gotten my kiss yet” and kissed me. Once the movie started, he was rubbing on my knee and leg, while I would rub on his arm. I felt like I had been given a second chance with being able to go out with him again, so I took advantage and showed as much affection as I could. After the movie we drove back to his place to hangout. His apartment was pretty much wiped out since he is in the process of moving. We laid in bed together listening to soft jazz under candlelight and discussed everything under the sun for an hour.

Eventually, we started hooking up. Surprise, surprise. Midway through he said “you’re so sexy” and it took me aback a bit because having a guy like this think I was sexy was mind-blowing to me. The sex was very, very hot. Afterwards, we cuddled together and I ended up sleeping over again. The next morning we woke up and cuddled a bit more until we had to get ready to leave. When he dropped me back at my apartment, he told me that he would try to see me on Friday before I left. I told him that if he wanted to meet up while I was home we could meet somewhere in between as well. We kissed for one last time and then parted ways. I don’t know if I will ever see him again, but I am happy of the time spent with him. I feel like I received the closure I needed with him. Who knows what will happen with Erik.

While I was sleeping cuddled up to him, I actually had a dream about him, twice. One was him meeting my friends and the other was us two going out and adventuring. I am in quite the dilemma, though, because I have Hale who still wants to get back together, Brady who is dead-set that we are going to get together, and now Erik who is absolutely perfect for me, yet wants to take it very slow. Quite the conniption.


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