I Really Screamed for Ice Cream

Best weekend of my life. Friday was pretty rough, but Saturday and Sunday definitely made up for it. Saturday I got a message from a guy I met on Tinder. We had talked a bit, and he asked me if I wanted to go get some ice cream. I immediately said yes to the cutie and got dressed to go. Waved my hair, new red romper, shaved from head to toe, and was ready to meet this lovely stranger named Erik.

I pulled up and went in to wait for him. I saw some people talking outside and one of them was this very tall, handsome guy. I thought to myself, no way that’s him, not with my luck with guys. Sure enough, it was him. 6’2″, perfect facial hair, green eyes, and dressing very well. I tried not to drool. We ate our ice cream and then went for a walk to this shopping area. There was live music playing in the background and we just sat on a bench and talked. Eventually, the sun set and it started thundering and lightning. We started walking back to our cars and he mentioned if I would want to go play billiards downtown. I wasn’t done with my night with him so I said absolutely!

He followed me to my apartment where I dropped off my car and we took only his car. He drives a very nice stick shift and watch him shift gears was quite the turn-on. Once downtown, we stopped at the Hippodrome to see what was playing. Nothing sparked our interest so we kept walking. There we met some of his friends who were gonna meet up with us at the bar. We got to the bar and played fooseball, air hockey, and eventually his friends met up with us. All of us played ping-pong or chatted about our lives. Eventually, he and I left to explore more. He showed me 3 other places where he performed stand-up comedy and at 2 am we finally left.

As we were pulling into my apartment complex, there was 3 cop cars all around the perimeter. He pulled into my parking garage and we sat there talking as police dogs patrolled the whole garage. Still don’t know what happened. He mentioned that he would love to meet up with me tomorrow and I agreed. We made a plan to go to the beach and he would pick me up. All of a sudden, he was kissing me. We kissed for 15 minutes and as I was opening the door, I came back for me. He moved his seat back and I was on top of him in his car kissing him. This continued on for 20 minutes until I finally went inside.

A few hours of sleep later, I woke up and got ready to meet him. He picked me up and looked extremely hot in a pair of tight jogging pants. We drove almost 2 hours there and the conversation was a little lighter than the night before. Throughout the ride, he would hold onto my thigh or massage my knees. I loved that. Seeing his big, strong hands hold onto my leg and show affection. We finally got to the beach and explored for a couple hours, ate lunch, shared a milkshake, and then went out to the water. He would kiss me randomly and I loved all of it. While out at the beach, I lost the sunglasses that Hale bought me. They were washed away into the waves. I found this to be a sign. Washing away the old, and in with the new. In the water, he was very affectionate to me. On the ride back, I was trying so hard not to fall asleep. We went back to his apartment and I passed out on his bed. We laid together and I could tell by his fidgetiness that he wasn’t in the mood to sleep. As I fake slept, I weighed my options of hooking up with his guy and decided why not. He is by far the hottest man I have ever even spent time with and I may never be in this situation again.

So we had sex. And he was extremely endowed, to say the least. It’s not like he was a stranger. I knew every bit about his family, his fears, his hopes, and he knew mine. This wasn’t for him to “like me”. This was for me. Afterwards, we cuddled and did fall asleep. I slept on his chest for 3 hours and then we both woke up. I then shimmied down and pleased him in which I was told, “you deserve a round of applause for that.” We then went back to sleep and he cuddled me the entire night. Even if one of us moved, the other moved along with. He held me the whole time and if he woke up randomly then he would lean over and kiss me on my shoulder, cheek, forehead, back, etc. Even the sex was full of kisses and hand holding. It was nice. We cuddled all night and then I was woken up to him kissing my hands. We both knew that we had stuff to do that day, so there wasn’t much time in the morning. Yet, we had sex again. We didn’t cuddle much after, although he did hug me. We both just got dressed and went on our way. As I was buttoning up my shirt, he came up behind me and hugged me.

On the drive over, we had light conversation. He kissed me bye and then gave me a high five as I walked off. The high-five is awkward and the fact that he said “I’ll see ya around” kind of hurt, but I figured. I did this for myself and had a great time as a result. Go single me!


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