Hmu on Tinder

Well, today was officially the day that I broke up with Hale. I invited him over, he came in, and I said that we should take a break for a bit. He got very upset and then as a result of seeing him sad, then I got upset too. We left each other saying, “if there’s anything you need, please call me” and then he kissed me on the forehead and drove away. Immediately after, I was a wreck. I felt like bonds had been broken. Did I really do the right thing? I was laying on my bed crying until I heard my phone ringing. It was Brady calling to FaceTime with me since he knew that I had just broken up with Hale. I answered to see him singing a country song to me and doing anything he could to cheer me up. After talking to him, I instantly felt better. I have not cried all night after talking to Brady.

I decided to treat myself out to dinner tonight and when I arrived back to my apartment I did the dreaded deed: I made a Tinder. The majority of my friends are on Tinder so I decided why not try it out. I feel as if though my confidence has done a complete 180 degree flip; in a good way! Seeing all of the matches pile up and cute boys come out of the wood-work just to call me pretty. It sounds superficial, but after being in a cheating relationship where you feel as if though you have to constantly be better than other girls just to keep your man’s attention it’s a nice change. Hale then snapchatted me a video. I didn’t open it. In fact, I just deleted him as a contact. It could have either been him out partying on girls or him all upset. I didn’t want to see either. I just want a breath of fresh air.


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