I am back home for this week and enjoying the break. Last week I took my second organic chemistry 2 exam and failed it with a 57%. Right now I am either dropping the classes or wondering if the battle is even worth it.

Hale is in Las Vegas  week for a “convention” which is only two days, yet he is staying the week up there. I wish I could go. I even broke down a bit when he said he wishes that I could come too so that we could explore together. I just feel like I am missing out on all of the fun, yet always get a good dose of the bad. It’s as if we are joined together and he receives all of the pleasure and I receive all of the pain.

Something new has popped up in my life, or should I say someone new. A guy named Brady DM’d me back in May. We talked off and on. Right before he was going to ask me out, I informed him that I am in a relationship. We still talk now and he has developed strong feelings for me. Brady tells me about these feelings and how he “wants me so badly”. This is putting me in a very difficult situation. Hale is always gone and it is as if I am using Brady as an outlet. I use him for compliments and generosity. It’s as if I get giddy when he thinks I look nice that day. Maybe it is just because I am not receiving it from the end I am supposed to be getting it from, aka Hale.

I don’t want to lose a good friend over this.


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