2 Hours Have Passed

The person who I was a year ago is not the person I am now. The person I was a year ago was motivated, would wake up at 4 am to study, and would spend countless hours because she knew it mattered. The person I am now has been beaten down, and stopped getting up. After countless bad grades in college, I have now become numb to the failures. I have stopped finding a reason to get back up. My discipline has been washed away. It is not that I have burnt out, but I desire another form of motivation. As of now, compared to last year, my schedule is completely booked from morning to night. I have a boatload of merciless responsibilities that start at 6 am, and do not end until midnight. I have entered a lethal cycle of putting schoolwork last, whereas it should be first and foremost.

As of today, I am changing this cycle. I am applying more discipline in my life. As unfortunate as it sounds, I will imply more schedules so that I can get a routine going and actually complete what I need to do. I will not become who I was last year, because I will become even better. I will put the naysayers in their places. I will get the grades I deserve.

“The biggest hurdle isn’t your opponent, it’s yourself.”


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