They say everything in moderation is okay. Yet, if you lose too much weight, you have an eating disorder. If you spend too much time with your significant other, then you’re just going to ruin the relationship. If you study too little, then you will fail the exam. But what sets these standards? Who determines what is too much and too little?

My research is going decently. I sometimes feel like I am a burden for the graduate students already working in there, yet they keep telling me to come in daily. Plus most of them do not even show up half the time. Sorry my pipetting isn’t spectacular, I am just trying to learn. After today’s session, it really got me thinking about limits. All of the machines have limits and so do the chemical solvents involved. Too much and the machine will malfunction, too little and the reaction won’t take place. It seems that in lab, and in life, you are constantly looking for the equillibirum point. Where everything is jusssst right. But will we ever find that point?


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