Are We Ever Really Safe?

Stability is a very loose term in today’s society. You think you have a stable relationship, stable career, hell, you even think you have a stable weight. It is not until a new stimulus arrives that you realize how fragile your “stability” really is. People long for stability. With so much going on in the world, it is comfortable to know that there are a few things that won’t change. Something nice to fall back on. Yet, in a world where everthing is ever changing, is there such thing as stability and safety? Or is this just a state of mind? Where you feel like everything is going well, just to keep that “positive attitude”, but you are actually smudging the bad in your life just to blur your vision. Oftentimes I crave stability. With so much up in the air with my future, I consistently wish that I could just get married now so it was one less thing I had to worry about. One thing that is unbreakable when everything is currently breakable in my life. Yet, older adults who are settled down would most likely call me crazy. They would kill for the instability, but there is a thin line between instability and spontaneity. Without instability there is no change, yet with constant instability there is turmoil. We are never “safe”.




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