What My First C Taught Me

Throughout high school, I was always a top student. Honors classes, Duel Enrollment, tried my best for all A’s. Yet, none of this compared me for the hell that is college. When entering college, I also entered the academic shock of being placed in classes that seemed like nothing I had ever been in. The level of difficulty was unparalleled to what I had ever experienced. Thus I had many breakdowns, questioned if this was right for me, even questioned if I was mentally strong enough for such vigorous courses. My first semester went decently. A few A’s and a few B’s, but nothing to worry about too much. It wasn’t until I got into my second semester where I entered Organic Chemistry.

I worked tirelessly in this class. Studied for 12 hours a day for a week straight for the final exam, yet ended up receiving a 60% on the hardest final I had ever taken. After a long semester, I ended with a C in the class. This really shook me up, yet taught me a lot of valuable lessons. I tried so hard for an A, at least even a B. I did tutoring, homework assignments, extra practice, and even study groups. I woke up at 4 am to go to the library and study. This grade taught me the value of hard work. That sometimes you are going to put the work in and won’t get as expected. I also learned to not be so hard on myself. The average for the final exam was a 58%. This means that most of the class did not even pass.

Thankfully, I passed this class and am looking forward to Organic Chemistry 2 over the summer. Where I will hopefully get the A!


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