First Day Alone

As the semester is coming to an end, the halls are emptying out and cars are being packed with belongings. Summer is now here. Students either enjoy their break, or are stuck at school taking classes over the summer. I will be here over the summer taking Organic Chemistry 2 and Physics Lab, along with research in the dental clinics. This weekend Hale has gone back home for business stuff. He and his aunt are meeting with potential clients and hope to sign with them. I will not be seeing him for 4 days and of course he left on a bad note. After his exam this morning, I was trying to be all seductive to him since we weren’t going to see each other for 4 days and he pretty much just shut it down. And then when his aunt was talking to me about marriage to the both of us, he got all moody and emotional. His mood swings are honestly annoying. I know I get emotional every now and again, but his are just unnecessary over the dumbest things.

Pretty much, I am not going to hear much from him for the next few days as he is working. Which I guess is good in a sense because we both, especially me, need to develop our own sense of autonomy. We need to become our own people and grow together. Not me relying on him to fulfill so many roles and getting upset when he fails at a certain role while trying to balance others. Our one year is coming up and I just hope that everything is good until then. “Come on skinny love just last the year”

On a positive note, my grades are coming around full-circle. I literally had to dig them out of the graves this semester. From D’s to B’s and A’s. I am very proud of myself and hope that I can finish strong in these next few days. Focus on the goal, and everything else will follow.


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