Please Don’t End

You see, the problem isn’t that I want our relationship to end. The problem is that I want the pain to end.  I want the fighting, the doubt, the nightmares. I just want all of the bad to exit our lives. I want the joy and the overarching love that we had. I want the giddiness that I felt in my bones when I typed to you what we were doing that day. I want the late nights where I would gamble with the punishment of coming home late just so that I could spend time with the man that I love. But now we are walking out, and leaving for fresh air. Now we are together 24/7 and don’t know the value of each other’s company since we are always together. Always. The feeling that someone is always there becomes accustomed. So you use them as a punching bag, mirror, sift. You expect them to help you in every step, yet disregard them when they need the help.

Please don’t let our relationship end. Don’t take away the good times. The pain hurts now, but I know we still feel the same. Please don’t end.


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