My mental stability comes in waves. Much like the ocean. They say that each human has characteristics that assimilate with nature. Veins similar to veins in leaves, stretch marks that match Jupiter’s movement. This must be my similarity to nature.

Lately, I have been hit with the worst and oddest insecurity: about how I look. For years now, I have been completely fine with the way I look. Damn, I was proud of how I looked. I knew I was hot and beautiful and unique. Yet for the past few days, I’ve just felt like total garbage. Constantly comparing myself to others. Feeling as if true beauty is defined by a profile picture or if you fall under the category of “sorority girl”.

This week I have also felt very small, but not in a good way. A good way is how nature makes you feel small and humble in this large world, yet always makes you feel like apart of something. The way I have been feeling is small as in insignificant. This is a huge school and sometimes I just feel like another number. As if I truly won’t make a difference. I try to work hard and reach my goals, yet I just come up average.


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