Spraang Breaak Update

As of today I have been on spring break for 2 days. I came back home with my family and have just been chilling. I try to go out as much as I can and enjoy the break while it is lasting. “Going out” is defined as the beach, restaurants, and fishing. Sometimes when I am out for most of the day, I feel a bit guilty because I am not spending most of my time with my family. Alas, I am spending the rest of my break with them after tomorrow.

Tomorrow is mine and Hale’s 11 month anniversary. We will be celebrating by going to the beach and then going to “our” restaurant. He already spilled the beans and told me that he bought me diamond earrings for our anniversary as a surprise. Breaks truly make my emotions a whirlwind because usually in the beginning I get really depressed and as it goes on I realize everything isn’t as bad as I thought and begin to enjoy it.

I have started a process now to try and regrow my trust in Hale. For the remainder of the week, I am pushing myself and not allowing myself to check Instagram constantly to see if he has re-made an account. It’s a hard process because I constantly want to check, but I am working on developing trust in him so that I don’t have to be always reassured. The first day was kinda hard, but it’s getting easier. Just got to keep working at it and have him working at it too.


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