New Year’s Resolutions 2016

Yes, it is now time to write out my New Year’s resolutions just like everyone else. First, I will begin by checking off the ones that I completed from my last resolutions list:

  • Learn to love each day and really live. Really feel the wind and taste the food and just live life to its fullest potential. You will only be as young as you are right this minute; enjoy it.
    • I can honestly say that I have been practicing it. I take each day at a time and try to make the most out of the time allotted.
  • Don’t assume the negative alternative to each situation. Say yes.
    • Definitely still working on this, but doing it nonetheless. It’s hard when saying no is so easy.
  • Continue growing confidence and stop fearing what others will think about everything. If you like, that is enough.
    • Was the student speaker at my graduation and so I have clearly built up the confidence.
  • Develop a positive outlook and let that outlook exude from your psyche. Pessimistic thoughts have weighed you down long enough, let them free.
  • Get back on Blogilates calendar because it has been months since you’ve had a ongoing workout regime.
    • Exercise has been scattered for me throughout the year, but I do have a regimen at school. It isn’t Blogilates, yet is still working for me.
  • Learn to accept change and growth. This year will be filled with many exciting changes, but also stressful obstacles.
    • I have accepted the changes that have occurred and continue to roll with the punches until it’s my turn to hit back.

2015 went no where near where I thought it would go. I joined into a long term relationship with one of my old friends, got into the school of my dreams, got cheated on, and yet still kept my head somewhat sane. Thus, I have created my personal New Year’s resolutions and a couple’s New Year’s resolutions for Hale and I:


  • Continue to find myself and my own autonomy. This year going to be tough and I need to know I can rely on myself to keep it together even if things go bad.
  • Focus more on school. This semester I was too distracted and want to get that 4.0 in the upcoming year!
  • Fight for every opportunity given to me. Whether in school, work, or relationships. Don’t lose sight of my goals.
  • Be honest. Stop lying so much. Dishonesty is very harmful.
  • Go to church more and become fine tuned with my religion. I have been attended church at the university almost weekly, but I need to keep this going and maybe even more. He has helped me through this dark time and I need to keep going to prove myself to Him.


  • Never let our flame die. Rediscover what made us fall in love and use that to keep the fire burning.
  • Pursue personal goals together.
  • Continue with honesty. Don’t be afraid to tell your feelings even if you are drowning in tears. There is a reason you are crying.
  • Love one another, and only one another. Learn from past mistakes and use 2016 as a fresh start. Move forward, but never forget.

2016, I am coming for you. I am a bit frightened– no scratch that, I am very frightened. This next year I am truly going to have to dig deep within myself and figure out what I want for myself and for my future. Whether that means breaking it off with Hale, staying within him, giving up enjoyable things so I can focus on school, or whatever. This are the things that are going to shape my year. I pray for a good year full of happiness, laughter, and lessons. I look forward to another year.




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