Couple Christmas

Tonight Hale and I celebrated an early Christmas. We went to see Star Wars then went to dinner and exchanged gifts. I got him a new jacket, music editing system, snoring mask, and a really long card. He got me painting art supplies, a jewelry box, and new sunglasses. I love my gifts and I hope that he loves his.

Everything was going to well and we were driving back to his place when he made a stern comment to me. I admit that I was saying some stuff about his mom, but he made a fierce comment that he has given up a lot for me including leaving his mom for a month just to see me. He practically yelled it at me and afterwards I felt sad and guilty. Even though he told me that she kicked him out that month.

Afterwards we went and had good sex, wasn’t fantastic– just good. Well needed. And I still kinda felt sad from the comment. We went and watched Christmas lights and then he dropped me off home. I think that I also just wish that I was with him for the holidays, as in everyday with him. I’m so used to seeing him everyday at school that this change is hard.

I love him and I just want him to know.


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