My Year in Review

With the new year quickly approaching, I thought I would do something new and write one thing that happened to me each month so I can recap. Also, today I celebrate 2 years on WordPress! Yipee! I would like to say thank you for all of your kind words and helpful feedback as I narrate my life to you all. Let’s begin:

January: Started my last semester in early college.

February: Accepted into the school of my dreams (my current college).

March: Attended prom that I leaded the planning for months.

April: Celebrated a remarkable birthday.

May: Graduated and was the graduation speaker in front of the entire class and audience.

June: Embarked on a new relationship with Hale.

July: Lost v-card to the man that I love.

August: Moved to a new place and started a fresh life at college.

September: Hale buys me a promise ring for our future.

October: I find all of the cheating on Hale’s phone.

November: While trying to improve ourselves, I orgasm for the first time with Hale or anyone.

December: Share my first Christmas and New Years with someone other than family. Started a forensic drug internship.

Overall, this year has been full of firsts and hasn’t been too bad overall. Even though I have cried a lot this year, I still wouldn’t trade it for a dull, lifeless year. I went through a lot, but I also learned a lot. Learned to appreciate things and other people more. I truly enjoyed 2015, and here’s to 2016!


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