The End of a Small Era

My first semester is ending on Wednesday. All in all, this has been one hell of a semester. It has had its high highs, but primarily deeply, low lows. As depressing as that sounds, I did enjoy it.

As an overview of my first semester at college:

  • I took 4 classes and my projected “easy” classes ended up being hard, and my hard classes weren’t too bad.
  • I learned that I thrive best when secluded in a library, even though the idea of 75 people sitting in a room in complete silence is kinda creepy.
  • My boyfriend cheated on me with like 25 other girls. All online. Pretty much wrecked me. We are still working through it.
  • I discovered an appreciation for going home, but enjoy my new autonomy much better.
  • College kids are walking, drunk time bombs that anyone can easily take advantage of. Make sure to always keep a look out for yourself.
  • My grades fluctuated more than my mood. As of now, my grades aren’t where I would like them to be. That’s taking a heavy toll on me.
  • I met some new friends and went to some pretty cool places. Experienced clubs burning down, natural springs, nature trails, and even some wacky restaurants.
  • I discovered that you truly aren’t anything in a school this big. What matters is how you differentiate yourself from others. It is important to do a wide variety of things, yet make sure they all correlate to one clause: graduate school.
  • Recently, as of today, I found a cyst near my lady-parts. The online doctors say that it is due to a lot of sexual activity. LOL, my life I swear. I can never win.
  • Most importantly, I found out more about myself. I learned that this isn’t going to be an easy ride. There will be a lot of tears (not like there hasn’t been gallons already), but at the same time more laughter.

I will be entering a 3 week break in which I will be completing an internship. Hale and I will see each other before Christmas and on New Years. Next semester, I will be taking very hard classes. I am nervous, but I am now adjusted and feel like I can take on the challenge. No more going out or messing around as much. I will get that damn 4.0, baby.


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