Break from the Break

I am home now for the week on holiday break. My family is all here and we are planning some quality time together. I am prematurely leaving on Saturday because there is a huge football game that I have tickets for. With this break also brings a break from Hale. A break from the heartbreak. Even though I just saw him yesterday, I do kind of miss him. It’s weird going from seeing someone every single day to not at all. I might see him on Friday if we end doing a Thanksgiving on the beach with leftovers.

Since we knew we weren’t going to see each other again for the rest of the week, I slept over in his dorm Monday night. It was nice. We cuddled for most of the night. Around 3 am, I woke up because I had to pee and he was snoring really loud. When I was walking back into the room, I saw his phone on the desk. I decided to look through it just to make sure he is keeping his promises. I do this often when he is sleeping. I need the reassurance and he understands. Whenever I do go through his phone, my heart races and my hands shake just like the first time I looked through it. It’s as if my body is preparing to go into defense mode as it is combatting a past fear. I found nothing in the phone. Relieved, I jumped back into bed and slept a few more hours.


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