2 Weeks Later

To say the past 2 weeks have been hard, would be an understatement.

Most days I have cried, but I am now sleeping better. I guess you could technically say that Hale and I are still together. I know, “once a cheater, always a cheater.” Maybe I am staying with him because I crave the love. I crave the intimacy and have never felt anything like this before. He did hurt me. He is working to fix it all now. Hale has deleted all access to any of these apps, deleted all messages, and lets me go through his phone all the time. I hate looking through it, but I understand that I need that self-validation if I am ever going to trust him again. He has come completely clean about any lies he has told. This includes that I took his virginity and about his family’s rough past. We are slowly, but surely working on it. He truly understands how I feel about him, and I understand how he feels about me. As crazy as it sounds, I feel like we have gotten closer from this. I know it is not the best way to get close to someone, but it just feels different. The plan is to take our time, and only step forward once we are ready.


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