And it’s Only Monday

What a day. Actually what a past few days. Yesterday at the soccer game another player collided with me and bent my foot back so now I have a sprained ankle. I was rushed off of the court and a lousy trainer gave me crutches and a wrap. Knowing that today was my busiest and most mobile day, I woke up terrified yet positive. Being on crutches is hard work. I probably crutched a mile on every terrain, dealing with people’s annoyed glances, and having my own sweat drip down into my eyes. At some points I had to stop because I couldn’t breathe. Hale helped me all throughout the day and I felt bad that he had to revise his schedule just to tend to me. Thus I would try to be self-sufficient; even if that meant carrying a 25 lb backpack on my back up a hill on crutches. Yeah, that really happened.

Right now I am sitting here icing my ankle and feeling my tense muscles ache. My shoulders and arms are dead from crutching. I have cuts on my sides from being on the crutches so much today and moving fast. My elbows are bruised. Lately, I have begun feeling inferior to Hale. Every single time we do something, he gets a better grade or gets the research project or gets the friends. While I’m sliding by with C’s and B’s, hardly any friends, and now an injury to top it all off. Every time I have a good week or something good happens then I get pushed 10 steps back, whereas he just keeps climbing up. I have worked so much harder than him, and yet he just breezes by everything.

So now I am sitting here with 2 golf balls protruding from my ankle, with a self-esteem of zero, filled with the feeling that I’m letting everyone down in my academics, and to top it all off I never get any privacy from my roommate. What a great week already!


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