Pros and Cons

I have now spent a little over a month at this college and can easily say that it has been quite the roller coaster. There have been extremely high peaks where I truly feel like I can make a difference here, and dangerously low drops where I would rather live in a box than here. On Friday, I had my first biology exam which was a biggie. It wasn’t my first university-grade exam since my first one was a psychology exam that I got a 70% on. That was very disappointing, but I am determined to do better on the next one.

Hale and I are doing pretty well. Next Friday will be our 6 month anniversary and he has bought me a “promise ring”. He hasn’t shown it to me yet because he wants it to be a surprise, but I truly cannot wait to see it. We have gotten closer than ever since we are up here together. I still sometimes get jealous when I see other females hit on him, but not as bad as before. He has been the only person there for me in my time of need. I honestly don’t think that I would be able to get through this school without him.

I don’t know what has been happening to me lately, but I get overwhelmed so easily. Everyday I am working on homework or studying for multiple hours a day, yet if one thing goes wrong it is completely blown out of proportion in my mind. As a result, I backlash onto the people that I care the most about. I am tired of ruining evenings out with my crazy emotions. No, this isn’t just a “girl thing”. This is the fact that I am spread too thin. I will fix this and overcome my overwhelming feelings.

Overall, it has been a decent time up here. My skin looks like a mess this week due to biology, I’ve gained a little weight, but I get to see my love every single day and have all the freedom I could desire. Pros and Cons.


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