“Bro” Code

I never really realized how prominent evil was in the world; until last night. When we entered the frat party, had our ratios perfect, made it into the party, and then the violence started. A 5 foot tall “brother” let all of us girls walk by, but stopped Hale mid-step. He proceeded to get millimeters from his face and started yelling extreme¬†profanities. The little guy then grabbed his arm and forced him out of the party, pushing him down every step. I followed them out while trying to avoid any dark rooms and creepy men. I ran out to him and I could just see the complete knock down he had received. I wanted to rip that little frat boy’s face off of his skull for doing that.

This was all because he was different. His skin wasn’t the same and his physical features didn’t correlate with the “bro” look. They kicked him out due to his race. Afterwards I was completely disgusted. Practically nauseous while walking back. This is truly a jungle that I am now living in.


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