Crazy For You

It had now been 5 days since I moved out and moved into a whole new location. Hale and I have spent each day together. Half of those nights were spent sleeping the night away together. Even with spending long hours together, we don’t get sick of each other. Two nights ago I was in his dorm and I accidently banged my head on the ceiling and possibly got a concussion. He was extremely kind and took care of me. Last night, we went out to party and pre-gamed prior to going out. Hale went insanely hard on the pre-game, drinking straight out of 33% proof alcohol and mixing other liquors. I could tell he was beginning to get extremely under the influence. I began to get a feeling of annoyance watching him get glossy-eyed. While sitting in there, my head began to throb from my concussion. I told his drunk self that my head was starting to hurt and he instantly snapped out of the phase and even offered to leave altogether and just go lay back in the bed. I denied the offer and just proceeded onto the party. After walking the whole city, we couldn’t find anything that wasn’t extremely packed and half the group had already left. The rest of the group was going to play a game of cards at someone’s place and Hale was tremendously exhausted so we just went back to the dorm. We laid together for the night and he slept over. This morning we both went to church; a Catholic church, and I am not Catholic. I really didn’t know the practices and made a goof out of myself, but I went for him and I need to start continuously going.

He just left after spending the majority of the day with me. I find that now that he’s so close and available I get more sad when he leaves me because we now have the ability to practically live together. I have now started wearing my Claddagh ring facing inwards indicating my love. I am seriously thinking of renting an apartment with him next year. Tomorrow I start classes and am a bit nervous. Primarily just about the distance of my classes. I have 15 minutes to get clear across the school. Wish me luck!


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