Goodbye, For Now

Today I said goodbye to Hale for the next week until I see him when we move into our new college. We drove out to the most beautiful park with huge oak trees and just laid there for a few hours. We then drove out to the beach and spent the rest of our time there. Throughout the day, we shared several intimate moments together. It was extremely enjoyable. I see all of these couples who are leaving each other for months on end and I truly don’t know how they have the willpower to do so. I guess it’s perhaps due to the fact that they’ve been together for longer and aren’t as madly deep as we are, but then again we’ve been together for almost 5 months now and my heart still beats the same as day one; if not, then more. I leave in four days to start my new journey and am overjoyed to begin. The nerves aren’t necessarily sinking in just yet, but I do feel like when I move in up there they will take full force. I am scared, but excitedly ready!


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