Life’s Circus

I feel like trust can be a bit of a tight rope at times. Your partner is holding the rope on the other end. You hope that they will hold it tight as you walk across. With a mere distraction, they could slip and so could you. As you begin plummeting down to the ground, you begin to question why you ever trusted them in the first place. Each time he goes out clubbing I feel like I’m taking a trip across the tight rope and especially due to his rowdy past I feel like I walk on it more than him. He’s at the club tonight and I trust him, but there’s a small voice in my head that just keeps trying to play repeats of all of the times that we went out before dating and he would be grinding up on other females. It didn’t even matter their age! We are so close to moving to our new college together and I just don’t want him to mess up what we have. History over mystery, right? I feel sick just typing the fact that I am questioning him.


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