After a very nerve-racking and sweaty day anxiously waiting to meet Hale’s mom at the dance studio, she never came. This was slightly relieving because I really don’t want to mess it up with his mom. She’s the last person of his family I have yet to meet and she is also the most important. We continued on with our ballroom dance lesson. I thought that it was just going to be us two as partners, but instead we had to keep switching new partners. Every time I made my rounds back to him I was so relaxed and when we danced, even for a few seconds, I forgot all about the other dancers in the room. It was just us. Once the lesson was over, they switched over to an open ballroom and played music. We danced for a bit, yet didn’t really stick to the lesson and just did our own moves. It was surprisingly fun! We didn’t stay for the entire time and I dropped him off at his mom’s so he could check on her and then he was going to meet me back at his apartment.

The night prior to this we went out to the beach, got take-out calamari, and just watched the sunset and the stars. I was going to use this night as my “test night” to see if I was going to fully commit myself to him on Friday. While laying out there, he surpassed my wildest dreams. He talked about his life, our possible future, he made me laugh and forget all of my troubles. He also told about how he believes I am “the one”. Midway through laughing at one of his jokes, I couldn’t get over how madly in love I am with this guy.

Back to Friday night. Once he got back to the apartment we laid in bed for awhile just watching TV and joking about the dancing tonight. We then began our routine and that night I fully committed myself to him. I don’t regret a single thing. Afterwards we laid there and he began talking about his love for me and how he thanks God continuously for my existence in his life. I slept the night in his arms and woke up to him kissing my forehead.


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