Clear Forecast

The weirdest phenomenon has been happening to me lately. To others it may seem natural, completely human, but to me I have never experienced this. Recently, and continuing onto today, I have been experiencing moments where I’m just thinking of my life within the past few months and I begin to choke up a bit. Eventually leading to me releasing faint tears of joy. It’s as if I have been working, waiting, and praying for these moments for years now. Because I have. I will randomly catch myself just reflecting and I’ll look back on past memories and smile as my eyes well up with tears. I truly feel like I am where I want and should be in life right now. A small ounce of fear is hiding amidst this because typically when everything is going fantastic there is something waiting around the corner to attack the happiness. But I am not going to let that ruin today. I am going to bask in the positivity of life. It may be raining outside, but my forecast calls for sunlight.


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