As usual, I went over his apartment last night. We originally planned to go out, but he had too much work to do and so we just hung out at his place. I had bought groceries to cook dinner and was prepared to, but within an hour we were beginning to go at it. Everything was going great. It was hotter than ever. Then he made a comment that flipped the entire situation. He stated that everything would be perfect if one of my physical features was larger. Although he was somewhat joking at the time, it has always been something that I’ve been a bit insecure about especially since my major surgery on this area. Once he said it, I just stopped everything and pushed him to the side. I laid there and wouldn’t talk to him. He kept asking what was wrong and apologizing. With him stating that plus having to walk back into the same place where I was diagnosed two years ago that same day, I just lost it. While laying on him, I just started crying. Bawling. I don’t think I’ve cried that hard in years. It was from everything that has just been building up for weeks now.

He grabbed me and consoled me for the rest of the time. He then began to spill his heart everywhere. Telling me how much he loves me and saying things that I’ve never heard anyone ever say. As I was calming down, he relived the story of our first date in order to make me laugh. It worked very well. 2 hours has passed after I started crying and I finally left. I honestly don’t even know what happened, but I just broke down. I’ve never done that in front of someone before.


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