It Hit Me Hard Last Night

Last night was our first full night together. I came over to his empty apartment bearing dinner and we sat there and ate while catching up on Netflix. We then laid in his bed and watched the Kite Runner. Within an hour and a half into the movie we were already going at it and continued for 4 hours. We stopped around 1:30 am and changed into our pajamas for bed. I slept in his arms the entire night. Even if one of us moved, we somehow subconsciously had to be connected to each other. Around 4 am, I woke up and just laid there in bed and listened to him sleep. As I was laying there in that dark room in his arms, with the morning sun peaking through ever so slightly, I felt like I truly loved this man. It was then for the first time that I could actually see a future with him. Eventually, I fell back asleep and woke up a few hours later to his alarm. We just laid in bed for 20 minutes and soaked up as much time as we could together. He had to go to class by 8:30 am and so we had to cut the morning short. As I was getting dressed and gathering my belongings, he was getting his calculus papers together. Neither of us wanted to leave, but we had no choice. We walked down to each others cars and said goodbye since we won’t see each other for a week and a half.

Something feels so different about him. He has a questionable past with being a “player” and partaking in drugs and alcohol, but he continually says that those days are done. He puts the work in to prove that he’s better than all of that. In 6 weeks we will be completely on our own and practically living together at our next college. Honestly, the only thing that I see that has the potential to break us up is if he continued back on his dark past or if he completed the unmentionable relationship sin: cheating. But everything feels so powerful when we’re together. It feels as if all of the cosmic energy in the world is released once he is near me. What is meant to be will be.


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