7 Day Delay

Am I being pressured? I said to wait before I get on my prescription before partaking in the “full ride”, but now that it will most likely be pushed back another week and I feel as if though I’m just stringing him along.

Sex shouldn’t control the relationship. I asked him to promise me this when we first began. When explaining my past health conditions, he stated that we didn’t have to do it if I didn’t want to, but now he’s getting fidgety. What we have is good. It’s hot. Yet it’s also somewhat repetitive. I’m trying to keep it fresh and switch up locations, but I’m not giving in just for brief seconds. He can wait.

He has also talked about past relationships. I try not to let his player past get to me, but when he talks about calling other girls the same name that he calls me it stimulates the thought of, “oh so you’ve used this line before?” This is most likely just a bit of insecurity flourishing inside of me. He truly has been a blessing in my life. Whenever I’m feeling down, I begin to list all of the positive things currently participating in my life and he is always on the list.


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