Yesterday, we met up to hang out for the entire day. We drove out to his stepmom’s house and watched Gone Girl. Throughout the movie, I would lay on him and I would just listen to his heartbeat through the highs and lows of the movie. Midway through, his stepsister came home and I awkwardly shaked her hand as she went back into her room. Then she came back because his stepmom was on the phone and I didn’t even get off of him.

Afterwards we drove to the mall to buy a graduation present for a mutual friend. We shopped around for a bit, but it was beginning to get close to sunset so we ditched the mall and headed out to a restaurant on the beach. I picked up the tab because I wanted to treat him for the night. Screw gender roles. We then crossed over to the beach and I sat out there in his arms until the lightening from above was literally crashing 5 feet away.

We gathered our belongings and sprinted to the car. He then drove back to his place where my car was parked and commenced our usual goodbye ritual. When he kissed me this time it was extremely more passionate than any of the others. Next thing I knew, I was on top of him in the driver’s seat. Nothing dirty. Everyone’s hands stayed to themselves. Afterwards, I just sat there with my arms wrapped around him and I stayed there for an hour. It didn’t even feel like an hour. It felt more like 20 minutes, but I looked over at the clock and it was already midnight. I gathered my belongings and was about to leave when he said the forbidden words: “I really think that I’m falling for you.”

The next night we were meeting up and going to a graduation party. At the grad party, it was a reunion of our small group and it was the first time that we were out in front of everyone as a defined couple. Throughout the evening he would inch closer to my seat, rub my back through the chair openings, and I had my leg wrapped around his under the table. Pretty much everyone in the entire room caught on even though we didn’t say anything. Midway through we made plans to go out after. We left early and went to go see a movie. When we got back to my car, we just leaned on the car and talked. There was some kissing and the usual handsy stuff that we always do. It was getting extremely humid and lightning so I just threw my keys at him and we sat in my car with the air on, Arctic Monkeys playing, and just chatted. He looks at me like I am the greatest prize in the world. So we continued the same goodbye situation as the previous night and I laid on him for probably an hour and a half.

Our situation isn’t very unique. It is a bit of a Romeo & Juliet complex in that his family doesn’t want me to be involved with him and my family doesn’t want me to be with him. Maybe it’s time to rewrite this story.


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