Is It Worth the Experience?

To stroke or not to stroke; is that really the question?

You see we oftentimes find ourselves attracted to people who are experienced in the art of making love. Although to them, it may not have necessarily always been love. Is it the experience that attracts us? The fact that this person will know how the process works well. Yet, from this experience breeds arrogance and pressure. Oftentimes even disease. You are viewed less as a human being and more as an object to help reach a climax. It takes practically two hands to count how many partners he’s had and yet I can count mine on one hand.

I once read an amazing article about virginity and how it is a social construct that was created by the same producers of slut shaming. An idea that women are supposed to be pure and save their virginity, but not until marriage or above the age 20 or else they are prude and fearful. Yet, the male is supposed to be as sexually fragrant as they please because this is viewed as a passage into manhood. The article also explained how the writer technically took her own virginity in which she already knew how to get to O-Town before a man attempted to drive their car down her freeway.

I never viewed virginity as this ball-and-chain wrapped around my ankle like how most people view it these days. I never had a step-by-step plan of how I was going to lose it. I never planned anything special or viewed it to be for a special person regardless. In my eyes, sex is just plain ol’ sex when birth control or other contraceptives are in the mixture. When they are not, then I do think that you are flirting with danger. But now we have emotions in the equation. I have the fear of the fact that I am just another number. Just another story to tell the boys. I have friends who are 6 months deep in a relationship and haven’t even been placed on their backs yet. We haven’t even been 1 month and I’m already thinking of this….


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