Wait, So Are You My Boyfriend Now?

I have now gone on four dates with Hale. On Friday we went fishing again and stayed out the whole day. We only fished for about 4 hours and then just sat around and chatted for the rest of the day. Afterwards, we went out to dinner and then saw a movie. Overall, it was a 12 hour date. The movie theater was one with recliner seats and so I laid on his shoulder for the entire movie until I fell asleep. Recliners and movies are my sleeping weakness. I knew his shoulder was cramping up, but he didn’t fight it and I got some good sleep from it! During the movie, he would grab my hand or rub on my knee. It was nice and nothing over the top. When we got back to pick up my car, he kissed me full-on this time. It was intense in the beginning, more than what I expected for a first kiss together. Later when I got home he texted me saying that it was the most amazing kiss he has ever experienced. Gimme a break.

Today we went out again, this time to a baseball game. As the game continued on, he would have his arm around me and would do subtle movements, such as kissing my head or tracing my fingers, and it was just enough to make you feel something. Nothing arousal, but just to feel loved. After the game we drove to the mall because he wanted to look for some pants. We visited several stores and he didn’t find anything that fit. I looked at a few designer bags just for fun and whenever I found one that I really loved, he always had this look like he was mentally making it a goal to buy me this bag in the future. We then went to dinner and afterwards had to go back to get my car, again. So I had to move my car so he could park and I was leaving he kissed me, again! Same level as the last time and every time I slap him in the face afterwards. I can’t help it! It’s instinct to just pat his face! Next time I need to remember not to, or else it will just get really, really weird.

So now he is leaving for the rest of the week. His feelings are growing rapidly, yet I still feel as if though I am in the preliminary stage. I know that by the second date, you should have an inkling on how you feel about this person and how you want to pursue them, but I just don’t know! I am mentally attracted to him and his ambition and how he treats me and practically raises me to a godly power, but I am just not physically attracted to him. Can a relationship work without that element of physical attraction?


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