Double Rainbows

Tonight, I will be spending the night in the hospital with my mother. She had a herniated disc that had to be removed, replaced, and then fused back together. Since everyone else is working, I had to be assigned the night duty. As the rain was subsiding, I looked out the window of the hospital room and there were two rainbows side by side. Double rainbows typically symbolize a transformation of life and good fortune in the future. How ironic.

Yesterday, Hale and I went out again. At the end of the date (which was 4 hours long of us two just talking), he attempted to kiss me on the cheek, but it was an awkward, rushed mess of hair, and me accidentally curving him. Sorry! I’m seeing him again on Friday. It’s getting pretty serious.

Last night was the last night I ever worked. Mid-shift my boss pulled me into her office and told me they were going to have to let me go that night. Yet, of course, they made me finish my entire shift. I would’ve much rather just gone home afterwards. I worked there for 3 months and hated every day. I made a few hundred dollars, but it’s sort of stressful because I mainly got it so that I could have a summer job. Now that it’s summer, I’m jobless. I would’ve rather wanted to have started those three months today as opposed to stressing through school and a job for this last semester.

Maybe that is what those double rainbows was hinting to.


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