Biggest Day of My Life Thus Far

Today was the day: graduation. I was speaking at the morning graduation and would be just walking at the night graduation. My speech went very well and I was extremely nervous for this speech. Yet, as I was completing my speech, I began to feel comfortable at the podium. My only stumble was that I hit the podium mid-speech with my foot, but other than that it went well. The night graduation was decent. I sat next to Hale and spent most of this graduation with him while we were waiting. Sitting on his other side was another female who was trying extremely hard to get his attention. I mean hard as in showing and rubbing her legs, laughing at his really stupid jokes, and demanding several hugs before she left. It was weird though because I didn’t feel any form of jealousy. It just felt like she could keep trying her game, but I somehow felt like I didn’t have any competition. Because at the end of the night, he was going out with me.

Afterwards I met up with my parents, and I swore that my father was in some way intoxicated. He was acting the way he has in the past and this really upset me. I immediately left them because I could not handle the disrespect and met up with Hailey, Dominic, and Hale. We all went out to dinner and then went to the beach to just relax. I fell in love with the beach at night. It was so private and we all just laid on a sheet. I mainly watched the waves and waded out in the water in my dress with a flashlight. It wasn’t until Hale splashed me with a half-gallon of water that I went and sat down. While on the sheet, I would be watching the waves and he would sit right next to me; shoulder to shoulder. He is very hard to read at times. Sometimes he says things that make me think he doesn’t want this, but then he does and says other things that contradict his terms. I am seeing him tomorrow and it is going to most likely show to the group that we are at the footsteps of getting romantically involved.

Right now it is 3:27 am. My heart is burning. While watching the waves tonight I just felt a sense of “I made it.” This may not be exactly where I thought I would be when I started several years ago, but it seems even better. I got two degrees today. I will be transferring to the college of beyond my dreams in the fall that I never even suspected getting into. And I have a possible romantic endeavor on the rise. I am just going to live my life as it goes. Everything will be alright.


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