The End for Now

Today I completed my final final exam. It was a somewhat bitter-sweet experience walking out of my statistics class because I have spent two years here and it is ending. Now it is time to move onto greener pastures and this means that change is predicted in my future. Yikes. On Friday, I will be graduating and will be reciting a speech at the first graduation. I am not very nervous about it and am just trying to not freak myself out. Thus far, most of May is filled with things to get done. Especially in the next few weeks. This weekend I will be at graduation parties, celebrating Mother’s Day, and then on Monday I’m going on another fishing date with Hale. Goodness gracious, I’m really taking the plunge into this. But, of course, I am scheduled to work that night so it will be cut shorter than what we were preferring. The more I speak to him the more I am just amazed at his passion. He works 2 jobs, is the valedictorian of my class, contributes all of his money to his struggling family, pays for college, and yet still manages to be extremely positive. I will be seeing him Thursday at the scholarship ceremony, Friday at the graduations, Saturday at a graduation bonfire, and Monday on our “date”. These are pretty much the only times for the rest of the month that we are going to see each other since he is leaving for a week and I will be nursing my mother after her surgery for a week as well. It will be interesting to see how we work it out, but I will have at least tried.


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