Well, This is Going to Hurt

On Saturday morning, I went out with Hale. We met first for breakfast and then we went fishing at the secret spot my family and I usually go to. At breakfast, everything flowed easily and there weren’t any awkward pauses; what I feared the most. He ended up paying for breakfast, which is what I really didn’t want to happen. But the waitress brought the single check over and he just grabbed it and slammed his card down. I’ve never really been on an “official” dining date and I was going to offer to place down the tip, but he was already signing it by then. We left and he followed me to the fishing spot. The main dock that we go to had collapsed and was closed off so we headed to one of the shorelines and waded out in the water. We stayed at the shore for probably 25 minutes and then packed up and went to another dock. Unfortunately, this dock was mixed with both saltwater and freshwater so the chances of catching anything were extremely slim. After 45 minutes of nothing, I just put my pole down and laid down on one of the wooden benches. He soon gave up as well and just sat down next to me.

We probably talked for at least an hour. About everything from school, to other people, to our families, even a possible camping that we’re all planning to go on over summer. I was laying on my back watching the trees, and he would keep inching closer and closer to me. It was nice. Eventually, we went back to fishing and I came up with the brilliant idea to jump in. The water only looked a foot deep and I thought that if I waded out in the lagoon then I would be able to get a better cast. So I climb over the ledge and jump. Well the sand was extremely dense due to the saltwater/freshwater mix and I could feel myself sinking. Naturally, I start freaking out try to climb up the side of the dock. Well I am not necessarily a pull-up queen and so I can’t get up. He lends out his hand and pulls me up out of the disastrous lagoon. Afterwards, we were just done with the fishing trip and I was sopping wet from my brilliant idea.

When we made it back to our cars, I feel like we were both thinking the same thing about trying to figure out if this is a date/just hanging out with another friend. So he just hugged me and we said goodbye, but it wasn’t just a normal hug, it was pretty long. And within 45 minutes he had texted me and we talked the whole rest of the night about the fight of the century. He then proposed a bet: loser has to buy sushi for the other person. Well I won so he has to buy for me. Which includes that we will have to go out on another “date/friendly meetup/I hope the other person thinks this is a date”.

The question is: do I get emotionally involved in this? I am currently on the edge of tipping into the seas of romance, but I don’t want to rush into something or ruin a really great friendship. I would love to start my new school without heartbreak, especially since we will be taking the exact same classes. Yet, everything about this feels so natural. I don’t feel obsessive or like I’m jumping into a large risk. It’s like he melts away my anxiety. We shalt see.


4 thoughts on “Well, This is Going to Hurt

  1. This is adorable. If you like him and by the sounds of it he likes you, go for it. He seems lovely so why not? Afterall, if you dont, you might think what if, if you dont go for it ☺

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