So, What Are We?

The question that I am currently dreading.

We have been communicating for over a full week now and off-and-on this whole month. Not a single day missed. We were supposed to go out last night, but work caught the best of him. I don’t want a relationship. I’m going to be leaving in a few months and graduating in a week. But I love the attention and the company. He keeps pulling down deeper and I’m still at the surface. We are going to the same school for the next 2-6 years! I don’t want a skeleton walking around in my classes and would prefer an old friend on campus. Are we already too deep for friends? We haven’t spoken face-to-face in weeks though and its easy to quiver behind a phone.

He keeps trying to take me out, but wouldn’t that solidify me accepting “us”? Ugh if only we weren’t pursing the same majors at the same schools next year. I just need to figure out whether I follow my heart or my mind. Isn’t that the age-old problem? Once we psychically speak to one another I will know.


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