5 Days in Hell

Where do I even begin.

Today I finally came home from my convention that we left for at 2:30 am on Thursday morning. I was so excited to go on this trip because it was a free trip to another state that was completely free. The first day was pretty good, except for the fact that one of the other officers was sick as a dog. And of course she is paired into our room.

The second day was when things began to get sticky. Our adviser wanted us to go to every single session and every single educational forum that she felt was appropriate for us. It was as if though she was keeping us on tight leashes and controlling down to the seconds. For lunch we ditched the others and went to Dicks in which we all had the time of our lives. People were making fun of each other and us included. After lunch, we ordered a brownie sundae which I joke was probably the only thing that held me on throughout this trip. Afterwards, we got lost trying to find our way back to the convention center in the rain. We still made it back in time, but our adviser then lectured us about how we cannot be trusted even though we were in full communication the entire time.

Saturday night was probably my most memorable. I started the day going to a workshop in which we had to interact with other members. Randomly, I was paired up with a guy named Jake. As we began talking and getting to know each other, I realized how much we had in common. Same majors, same interests, he was my exact type down to a tee. Yet, he lived clear across the states. The instructor then told us to act like we had not seen our partner in decades and he picked me up and started running around the room. He probably picked me up 5 times within an hour. It was such a relief to me because here was an extremely attractive man who was practically begging for my information. This was a common theme in the overall weekend. That to people in my own state I am a cow, yet to people from other states I am a work of art. Maybe I should move…

Afterwards, we skipped the fifth session and went up to the room to sleep. We then went and proceeded to get ready for the evening festivities. While at our banquet table, three other students came up and joined us. One was in our similar school situation, another was over the age of 21, and the third was a female who had to be 19. They were truly a breath of fresh air since we had all been fighting with each other and especially our adviser all weekend. The eldest, Josh, kept calling me Emma Watson and said “Oooh I like her the most” when I, jokingly, spoke in a British accent to get the full Watson affect. After dinner, we prepared for the ceremony while they prepared to leave. Before exiting, the youngest, Graham, slips over a piece of paper to Nelly. The paper had his number and said that they were making a run to go pick up some alcohol and invited us to meet up if they wanted. We weren’t planning on drinking with them, but definitely wanted to meet up because they were funny people.

So I texted Graham and told them where to meet before the celebration dance. As we were waiting, my adviser gives us the dirtiest look as she is going up the escalator. Which makes no sense because she had no clue about the note or anything, but whatever it was hilarious. Within 5 minutes, they come stumbling up. We all hugged for a bit longer than normal and I could already smell the alcohol on them. We went into the dance and there were probably 300 people in one banquet hall. It was packed and hot.

Mid-way through, I noticed Jake walking in. I slowly began to shimmy over in his direction and he called me over. Good Gandhi was he the one that got away! He hugged me and said “you look so pretty!” Never going to forget him. I hope that our paths cross again in the future. Well that was our last interaction. We stayed for a few hours and then just went in the corner at the end. Graham kept trying to convince us to leave our hotel and go out with them. I could tell that the other two weren’t having it and so I took the lead and shooed them away.  When we got back up to the room, I got a text asking us to sneak out. I just ignored it.

The next morning, we got up at 5:30 am to get to the airport 2 hours early for no apparent reason. Two flights later, our adviser loses our car. We spent almost 2 hours searching for it in the airport. I have never missed my house more than after this trip.


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