All Grown Up

Yesterday Hailey, Hale, and I all went to the beach until pre-sunset. As the waves were crashing along the shore and the sun was slowly descending, I found myself and the rest of us in a time of deep reflection. My birthday is coming up on Tuesday and this is one of the major birthdays that you have in your lifetime. It hit me, just like the waves’ sporadic crashing onto the sand, that I have come extremely far in my life thus far. I have accomplished so much and am so young. The world is ahead of me and it is up to me to grasp it. Life is beautiful. And even though times may get tough and doubt may cross my mind, I would never give up something that other people fight everyday for.

In 4 weeks I will be walking across a stage to accept my degrees. It is extremely scary to know that the monotonous days spent here are going to be coming to an end and change will be occurring. Within 3 months I will be living somewhere completely new, with new people, and possibly a new me. I am going to take life as it goes, still staying motivated, but enjoying every second of it. Whatever happens will happen.


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