Positive night vs negative night

Tonight concluded my final prom. With over 7 months of work, it was definitely one for the books. At first I was excited to see Hale, but after seeing him smothering younger girls, I knew that I was only attracted to his charm. I am now in the process of erasing him from my reservoir. Overall, I think that the night was a success. I wouldn’t have changed a single thing; well, maybe removed the administration peering over your shoulder every 5 seconds. Afterwards we went midnight bowling, which was surprisingly a good time. Halfway through I received some news from Cydney that pretty much threw a damper on my morale, but I think it was also in part just pure exhaustion. For some odd reason, I felt an attraction to some kid named Harrison. Which is very weird because he is my complete opposite type, but then again so was Hale. I swear I don’t even have a type anymore, it just consists of guys who are nice, have a personality, and dress well. Haha!

Tomorrow I have work, which I am REALLY dreading. Especially since I am working a 7 hour shift. I am planning on permanently quitting tomorrow. I have given this a lot of thought and I just don’t have the time. They offered me one day a week, but school is just so much more important.

I am, hopefully, planning my birthday party. I would like to go to dinner with 5-8 of my friends and then go to a few clubs. I would love to rent a party bus with the money that I have made from this job. At this point it is only my parents and the bouncer standing in the way of a good time. We shalt see what comes in the future.


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